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Sport Fishing

Sport Fishing

Sport Fishing

Sport fishing is defined as a form of recreational fishing where the reward is actually catching the fish rather than for food or financial gain. Sport fishing is the most fun you will have fishing because any day fishing is better than a great day at the office. It is best to share sport fishing with the ones you love, you significant other, your kids, grand kids, however, if you do not have anyone to fish with sport fishing is just as fun (I am located in Tampa, Fl if your looking for someone to go with ;)).

The Best Practices Of Sport Fishing

Please take a moment to watch the video above on the best practices of sport fishing. This is extremely important if there is going to be fish for your grand kids to fish for. I understand keeping a view fish as I also keep a couple fish per year to eat, but I would say 90% of the time, I release the fish to go back and get bigger for the next time I am on that body of water or if I want to bring someone new to that body of water.

As mentioned in the video there have been numerous steps taken by the federal government to regulate the sport fishing industry. I am not sure about you but I prefer the government to stay out of my business but until people start self governing themselves and stop being greedy, Uncle Sam will always be involved.

Another subject touched on in the video is the use of circle hooks. When ever possible, and you are using live bait, please use circle hooks its the easiest way to make sure the fish does not swallow the hook (circle hooks are great for kids because the hook sets it self in the side of the fishes mouth so you don't have to attempt to stick your fingers down the fishes throat because your kid didn't know to set the hook).

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Sport Fishing Has Been Around From The Dawn Of Man...Lets Keep It That Way

Help Keep Sport Fishing An Option


The Importance Of Fishing



Fishing is a way of life, its not something that you can do every once in a while. If you love fishing then fishing is what is on your mind 24/7. I have been passionate about this lifestyle since the age of 5 (that's the age I am told any way). I am hoping that I can bring this lifestyle to a WHOLE LOT more people here very soon as well. See I have a goal to inspire the younger generation to go fishing more and I think that I have figured out how to do such a thing. This fishing website will be dedicated to inspiring the younger generations to get out there and wet a line.

The Fishing Know How

This is where you will come into play. I can not get to everyone to teach them about fishing, though I am going to try, I need the help you reading this to take it upon your self to teach someone to fish and the importance of fishing. If we can not inspire this next generation to see the importance of fishing, even hunting, then this world could be in trouble in a few years.

Technology + Fishing +(-)How Technology Is Used = Consequence

Fishing and technology do not mix. Now I am not talking about your fish finder and things like that. I am talking about computers, Xbox's and Playstation's. The reason these things are bad is because they give you child the option to stay inside rather than go out side,where its too hot, too cold, too early, what ever excuse they can come up with is, they will choose, and get their way, inside because that's where their video games are. It is their goal to play those video games and it does not matter how hard you try, your not going to stop them. How do I know? I was one of those kids and some days still am. It is your job to help inspire these, not necessarily lazy children, but uninspired kids. The best way that worked to inspire me was when my parents bought me Rapala Fishing for the Xbox. It showed me what there was to catch in America, it taught me how to fish (it taught me how to fish very fast actually). See these kids can not be inspired the same way you were, your parents probably threatened you or maybe there was nothing else for you to do. These kids have more choices than ever for what they want to do, they can talk to a predator online, they can play chat roulette with (I'd rather not say), or you can decide to inspire them to see America and catch a fish in each state or maybe all your bordering states.

How To Inspire The Kids To Be Fishing Kings

This is my suggestion, and what worked to inspire me to go fishing, A LOT.

Your guide to getting your kids anywhere: Ask them ONCE, ONE TIME, if they want to go fishing with you. If they say yes you need to make sure your going to a pond/body of water that you know you can at least see fish. If the individual you are taking fishing has never been fishing before, I strongly suggest taking them to a spot that you will at least see some fish, so that way at least you are peaking their curiosity. This can usually be done by hiring a fishing guide or taking a fishing charter out. If you are a skilled angler then I definitely would not suggest against taking them out to your own spot, but again, if they have never fished before or are young you need to keep them entertained.

If they say no to going fishing, say awesome and either get a back up fishing buddy or better yet take the time for yourself and go fishing and have the best time of your life, knowing that every fish you catch is leverage to get the kids out for the next time (so make sure you bring your camera to snap some photos of the fish you catch). As soon as you get home tell the family about the amazing time you had.

************************************************************************************************************** NOTE - MUST READ
If you did not catch any fish, it is important that the individual you are trying to get to go fishing NEVER find out that you didn't catch any fish. If you didn't catch any fish at that location and this individual decides to come out with you on your next trip. Do NOT go back to that location in hopes that the fish are cooperating, HIRE A FISHING GUIDE. You are not the only person you are hurting by not catching fish, use this chance to learn a new skill from a guide at the same time he is teaching your kid.

This is just one example of how you can do this for fishing. Get creative and apply this to other facets of life. I prefer to talk about fishing and hope to help get kids to give a damn about the outdoors, fishing is just my favorite way to get out there.

Next Step: If on your next trip out you ask them again if they would like to go fishing with you and they say no again. Repeat the first scenario.

Next step in this master plan to go fishing: Find out what video game system this person uses and buy the Rapala Fishing Game for that system. Tell them that since they don't want to go fishing with you outside you want them to teach them how to fish inside. Play this with them for a little while and then mention to them that they should really try the real thing the next time you go. They already have a base knowledge of fishing now, Rapala Fishing teaches them the importance of cast accuracy and how to vary lure retrieve and direction, as well as what lures work for each species of game fish in the game.

After this step, if they are still unsure about going, the best piece of advice I can give is just keep asking them if they would like to go with you before you go. They WILL say alright, just be prepared for when they do say YES LETS GO FISHING